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  Our Pledge

Leapfrog is commited to providing honest engineering advice to our clients. This includes the following pledge:

  • We'll help you pick the best tools for the job. We will never force an implementation platform on you. We don't work for Microsoft, IBM or Sun. We work for you.
  • We'll work with you to find the best, most cost effective technical solution. If that means you don't need custom software, we'll tell you, and help you find a solution based on off-the-shelf components. We'll never sell you something you don't need.
  • We will strive to make our work make sense to you. We won't hide behind jargon and buzzwords. We want you to understand what you're getting for your money.
  • We will be honest about our own limitations. We will never pretend to know something we don't. If we don't know how to address a problem, we'll tell you. Then we'll do our best to find a solution for you by educating ourselves, or by referring you to someone who can help.
  • We want you to know what you're paying for. We do our best to give you visibility into our process, so you'll never feel overcharged.
  • We'll give you everything you need to build on our work. We will never hold you hostage. We want to keep you as a our customer by continuing to provide valuable assistance, not by making you dependent on us to make sense of what we've delivered.